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THE HOME OF HARDCORE: Backyard Championship Wrestling


Respect list

Want the skinny on the latest BCW news? Well ya came to the right place!

-7/8/02 Little Sean Dudley has recovered from his accident, but will not be rejoining BCW.
-Also, 'The Icon' Brandon Michaels was released from his BCW contract due to neglecting to appear at shows and other problems.
-4/25/02 BCW has added Nick Punk, Justin Agony, and Johnny Vegas to the ranks. 
-Sadly, Little Sean Dudley(Ben "Woogie" to friends) was in a tragic car accident and has severe amnesia and broken bones. He was sadly released from BCW early this morning. 

-4/15/02 With the addition of the new BCW Training Center, look for new stars to appear on BCW TV soon.

-4/8/02 Bowery is preparing to go on a promotional backyard tour in Japan. He will be wrestling in New Japan Backyard Wrestling with the likes of Nick Punk, Joe Vandal, Damien Helms and Masato.

-2/19/02 Last night at the house show, Bowery defeated Kore with a sickening piledriver off of two chairs through a stop sign. Kore may not be cleared to wrestle at the upcoming TV taping.

-also: The two wrestlers going for the vacant Death Match title have been announced! The match is: 911 vs. DJ CRIMINAL!

-2/7/02 Bowery has made it public. He will be announcing two performers who will compete for the vacant Death-Match Title on the upcoming TV taping at the new BCW Hardcore House Arena.

-1/31/02 BCW/NEPW BCW performers Bowery, Diablo, Kore and Khaos were at the NEPW's WINTER WARFARE event at the Painesville armory. The men played a huge role in the event as Bowery commanded the sound box, Diablo was the man taking the pictures in the ring of the fans with New Jack and Kid Kash, and the 4 performers supplied New Jack with his ample array of weapons, including a garbage can and hockey stick! Look for more BCW stars at NEPW's FIVE STAR FEBRUARY at the armory on February 9th.

-1/14/02 BCW TAKES OVER AGAIN! BCW recently purchased rival federation Extreme Backyard Wrestling (EBW). Expect new performers soon.

-1/14/02 THE HOTLINE! BCW now has a phone line! Contact the BCW offices at (440)255-2911 for the latest BCW buzz!

-1/8/02 IT'S COMING! Jan. 26th, the innaugural edition of BCW magazine will be available! Make subscriptions now!

-1/8/02 BOWERY ACQUIRES BCW! Justice Kain, former heavyweight champion, retired from BCW last night. The reason for this is because the current champion, Bowery, bought the BCW franchise from Kain! Bowery is now 'The Boss'!

-1/3/02 BCW SUPERSTARS AT WINTER WARFARE! BCW World Heavyweight Champion Bowery as well as some other BCW stars will be at the NEPW's WINTER WARFARE event on January 26th at the Painesville Armory. Wrestlers to appear at the event include ECW's Chris Hamrick and a BCW icon... the Original Gangsta NEW JACK!

-12/17/01 The ENDGAME PPV drew large fanfair, as over 75 people packed the small garage where it was held. Not a bad outcome. The fans were treated to a show only BCW could put on.

-12/13/01 D.J CRIMINAL and BRIAN MANSON made their BCW television debut last night on WIRED! in the Outlaw tag team match. The match will be available in the Store of Hardcore in BCW WRESTLING vol.2.

-12/10/01 BOWERY AT HOSTILE HOLIDAYS! On Saturday, December 8th, BCW World Heavyweight Champion Bowery was at the NEPW's HOSTILE HOLIDAYS event at the Painesville armory. Bowery was working the sound box as the NEPW put on another spectacular show. BCW is currently in negotiations with the NEPW, and you may see BCW performers in the rings of the NEPW soon.

-12/7/01 NEW DUDLEYZ TO INVADE BCW? According to the BCW offices, 2 new Dudley Brothers will be coming to the BCW locker room. At press time, their names are: LITTLE SEAN DUDLEY and former NGCW Champion BO DUDLEY.

-12/7/01 NEW MERCHANDISE COMING SOON! The BCW designers are coming out with brand new merchandise from all of your favorite BCW superstars. Kepp looking in the STORE OF HARDCORE section for the new merchandise and the lovely SUNSHINE modeling it off!

-12/3/01 BOWERY RETURNS! Former 2 time BCW World Heavyweight Champion BOWERY returns to action after more than a month and a half abscence. He returns to face his arch rival KORE for the BCW title in an Xtreme Deathmatch at the BCW DUNGEON arena. Yes, this WILL BE on tape.


The BCW's designers are coming out with brand new title belts! Look for them on BCW TV soon!

-The team THE MISFITS OF ACTION(BRIAN REED, DIABLO, D.J CRIMINAL) has now turned into THE NEW MANSONS. As a result of this change, BRIAN REED has become BRIAN MANSON and will be returning to his old federation, the ETW, along with D.J CRIMINAL for a few matches. We will post those soon.

-11/19/01 Kid Krusher, one of the BCW's first assigned stars, was forced to retire early this month. He took a devastating moonsault from Insaine, another BCW hopeful, bruising and fracturing 3 ribs. He will be missed.

-11/5/01 Tonight, 'The Icon' is to make his appearance on BCW television. No word on what he has planned.

-11/1/01 Off the record, Bowery has stated that if he does not feel that he should compete at KILL TRADITION, there will be a "special surprise" for the main event. The only clue we have is that this surprise could "rock the backyard wrestling world to it's foundation".

-10/29/01 After an upsetting loss to KORE in a TLC match, BOWERY has taken a temporary resignation from the BCW. He has not stated when he will return.

-10/2/01 Due to a nagging shoulder injury, Steven Skullz has retired as an active wrestler, but will be around to attend to his new job... as BCW commissioner!

-9/18/01 VIC VICIOUS...GONE!- As of last week, Vic Vicious haS been released from his BCW contract. He left to pursue other interests.


Recently, some of the BCW's best talent invaded the rival OBW (Ohio Backyard Wrestling). After a mugging on one OBW superstar, KORE, KHAOS, and K. JACK took the OBW by storm. After a draw out series of brutal matches, it's control fell into the hands of the BCW. We will have fresh, new talent posted soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

-8/15/02 Rumors are circulating that Bowery has appointed a special "Corporate Enforcer" for END OF DAYZ. The question is, WHO?

-4/8/02 People close to Kore say that he hasen't been himself since the piledriver he recieved at New World Hardcore. This could be bad for everyone in BCW.

-1/31/02 A NEW FLOCK? Evidently, Bowery has been talking to random BCW superstars, and a word that keeps coming up if "The Flock". Could it be that Bowery is putting together his own, nightmarish Flock?

-1/8/02 NO CHAMPIONS? Rumors floating around BCW that the new BCW owner(Bowery) is going to have the BCW World and TV titles vacated, so that tournaments can be held for all 3 vacant titles(the Deathmatch title is already vacant).

-11/12 The BCW is looking to rent the NEPW's ring at the Dec. 8th show at the Painseville armory. If we do, BCW performers will be at that venue. One match already signed: BOWERY vs. KORE for the BCW World Title.

-11/7/01 Sources say that Bowery is on the verge of returning. He has lost some weight and added some new moves to his repetoire.

-10/29/01 To put in as few words as possible, the 'Revolution' has accepted the challenge.

-9/18/01 Speculation is swirling about this suppossed 'Revolution'. No one is quite sure who's behind it. Rumors are circulating that a few BCW performers are traitors in the ranks. No news yet on the Revolution's accepting of BCW World Heavyweight Champion Bowery's PPV challenge.