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THE HOME OF HARDCORE: Backyard Championship Wrestling


Respect list

Here's the latest event info on BCW's father company; NEW ERA PRO WRESTLING!

NEPW presents

Main Event:
NEPW Triple Crown Title Match:
Julio Dinero vs. Jerry Lynn

Last Man Standing Match:
Loser gets fired from NEPW!
J-Rocc vs. Richard Wede

NEPW Cruiserwieght Title Match:
Double Elimination Gauntlet:

Aero vs. Chris Kole vs. Al B. Damm vs. Gabe Knight

Superstar Debut:
WWE's Gillberg vs. Dr. Heresy

Tag Team Contenders Match:
SAT's Joel & Jose Maximo vs. Divine Storm

East Coast vs. West Coast:
The Amazing Red vs. Frankie Kazarian

Total Anarchy vs. Kid Quick & Kidrageous

Plus: Preston & Heartbreaker, Juggalo & Shigroth, Dick Trimmins, Adam Kage, & More!!

PLUS: Stay after the show to watch the Browns/ Ravens game on 2 large screen TV's

Sunday Oct 6th: Divided We Fall
Paineville Armory
4pm Belltime

1301 Mentor Ave Painesville, 44077
Tickets: $10 in Advance / $12 D.O.S.

Special Outlets added just for the May 10th show:

Isla Music- 3070 W. 25th St. (216) 687-1997
Nail City- 30570 W. 25th St. (216) 241- 3535

You may also purchase tickets for either
show at one of the following:

Advanced Tickets are available at these outlets:

Deans Card Shop
1497 Mentor Ave. Pville

Music & Games
Painesville Shopping Center
440-354- 6446

Mr. P's Pizza and Eatery
420 Bacon Road

MENTOR Joes Video Stop
Corduroy Rd. Mentor

Wickliffe News
28932 Euclid Ave Wickliffe
(440) 943-4579

Treats By Pat
30314 Euclid Ave
Wickliffe (440) 585-2605


Ohio Surf & Skate
36495 Vine St. Willoughby
(440) 975-1933

Tropical Exposure
38820 Lakeshore Blvd Willoughby
440-269-TANN (8266)

Saybrook / Ashtabula


Music & Games Saybrook Plaza
440- 998- 6396


For more info:
Call (440) 209-9622


Att: 184 ppl

NOTE- Gillberg was unable to make the show due to a legit injury to his leg. He will be making his NEPW debut Oct 6th.

1. PROMO IN-RING: NEPW owner Eddie Edwards announces Chris Hamrick's firing. # 1contender Julio Dinero demands the title, Ed reluctantly hands it over. We have a NEW NEPW Triple Crown Champion

2. BACKSTAGE: Chris Kole Promo: Kole claims that the Cruiserweight division had never experienced someone as stiff as The Blue Chipper. Also claimed that he is the best submission wrestler in the cruiser division.

3. Kidrageous def. Chris Kole by reverse decision. Kidrageous made his NEPW debut in this great opening bout. Kole had the match won when he had Kidrageous tap-out to his "Kole Chamber" submission. Kole applied the finisher again after match forcing referee J. W. Blizz to reverse decision. Juggalo and Shigroth destroy Kidrageous afterward.

4. BACKSTAGE: Blackhammer/Kidd Quick promo: The newcomers claimed they were going to get revenge on Total Anarchy for their sneak attack on them at July's show.

5. Total Anarchy def. Blackhammer& Kidd Quick. Great brawling match-up that saw TA win with the use of Chuck brody's cowbell. Juggalo and Shigroth destroy Kidd afterward.

6. BACKSTAGE: Adam Cage, talking about challenging Aero for the NEPW Cruiserweight title. As he walks off, Juggalo and Shigroth barge in and cut promo on destroying everyone until they get a shot at the tag titles.

7. Aero def. Adam cage. Awesome match-up
that went till the final minute of the 15 minute match.

8. BACKSTAGE: A B. Damm Promo: Al B. said he couldn't wait to get a shot at Aero next month. Gabriel Knight came in and said that he isn't Al's stepping Stone & that would be him wrestling Aero next month.

9. Gabriel Knight vs. Al B. Damm wrestled to a Double count-out. Fast paced match they blew the roof off the Painesville Armory. Both men wanted to earn a shot at Aero on Oct 6th. Match ended when Gabe hit Al B with a huricurana off the top rope to the FLOOR. Neither man could get back into the ring before the 10 count. Both great athletes received a standing ovation after the match.

10. BACKSTAGE: Chi Chi Cruz/Dr. Heresy, promo on tag title shot Fantastic promo by both men. Very Funny stuff about Preston being a Gringo Neanderthal & Heartbreaker looking like David Schwimmer.

11. Mike Preston & Johnny Heartbreaker def. Chi Chi Cruz & Dr. Heresy. The champs looked strong defeating Two of the top single competitors in NEPW.

12. BACKSTAGE: Aero promo on the state cruiser division, he was interrupted by Knight claiming to be # 1 contender, then Al B. Damm, then Chris Kole. All four argue, and Sheik Hassan informs them of the double elimination Gauntlet title match Oct 6th.

13. Julio Dinero def. Dick Trimmins In his first title defense NEPW Triple Crown champion Dinero used the help of a chair to defeat the popular 400lb big man.

14. Ed calls out J-Rocc to wear dress, J-Rocc comes out without it, quick promo back and forth sees J-Rocc dare anyone to put the dress on him. Out comes the man who defeated J-Rocc in the Loser wears a dress referee Richard Wede. As J-Rocc was distracted by Wede, Sheik Hassan snuck behind the Big Daddy & we have an impromptu match. Referee J. W. Blizz was taken out by a Sheiky spear when J-Rocc side stepped him. J-Rocc went to get a chair when Richard Wede stopped in to take it way. J- Rocc got into the Wede's face & received a stunner from the ref. As he got up J-Rocc was hit by a Sheiky Spear. As he was out cold, Wede & Sheik put the dress on J-Rocc too end the show.




Blackhammer & Kid Quick battled to a no contest after both men were attacked by former US Tagteam Champions Total Anarchy Chuck Brody & Alcatraz. Brody got on the mic and claimed that ever since TA lost the tag straps Six months ago NEPW has pissed on them. They challenged Blackhammer & Quick to tag match Sept 7th.

Al. B Damm defeated Shigroth in an exciting debut by Damm. Match went back & forth & Shigroth proved to be one of the toughest men on the Indy circuit today by kicking out of Damm's coast to coast Van Terminator into the Tree of Woe. Al B. won with a spetacular Corkscrew Shooting Star.

Prince Juggalo def. the very popular Dick Trimmins when he turned a High Cross Body from the top rope by Trimmins into a Power slam . Juggalo further established himself as one of the most hated & successful men in NEPW.

NEPW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Aero def. "Blue Chipper" Chris Kole with only 5 seconds remaining in the 15 minute match to retain his title. Awesome display by both the champion and challenger. These two men raised their long running fued to new heights at Last Man Standing

NEPW U.S TAG TEAM TITLES: "Platinum" Mike Preston & Johnny Heartbreaker became the NEW NEPW US Tag Team Champions by defeating the team of Dr. Heresy & The Road Hog. The new champions won the match when they hit their Blockbuster/ Powerbomb combination on Heresy.

In the match of the night, referee Richard Wede upset "The Big Daddy of Destruction" J-Rocc in a Loser Wears a Dress Match. J-Rocc had the match easily in his control & could have ended it at any time after hitting the DVD on Wede 3 times. NEPW owner Eddie Edwards disgusted by the display, pulled referee Nick Ritters out of the ring. J-Rocc attacked him from behind. J-Rocc had Wede on the top rope set up for a Suerplex attempt. Edwards held onto Wede's legs & J-rocc fell to the matt. wede hit a frog splash to complete the upset!!!!!

After the match, J-Rocc refused to wear the dress. Eddie Edwards then told J-Rocc that on September 7th J-Rocc will be wearing the dress or he'll be fired from NEPW forever

Main Event: NEPW Triple Crown Chris Hamrick & ??? vs. Julio Dinero & Chi Chi Cruz
Hamrick had no partner for this match as Bobby Blaze was stranded in Lexington, Ky. Eddie Edwards came out & said that there would be no 2 on 1 match & that he had a partner for Hamrick. Out came the NEPW Cruiserweight Champion Aero. Dinero then said that both champions should put their titles on the line. Both Champions excepted the challenge & we now had A Double Jeapordy tag team match..
If Hamrick was pinned Julio won the Triple Crown Title & if Aero was pinned Chi Chi Cruz won the Cruiserweight title..

All Four men went all out & thrilled the NEPW fans in attendence. Chris Hamrick & Aero won the battle when Aero rolled up Chi Chi up for the 3 Count.