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Trainers & Training

This will tell you a little bit about what goes on in the BCW Academy of Hardcore.

When you enter BCW's Academy of Hardcore, you'll be trained by some of backyard's best. BOWERY and KORE will train you free of charge, taking you through all necessary backyard essentials. Upon graduation of the Academy, you will work a 5-minute televised match with the trainer of your choice, and be gauranteed a BCW contract. COME AND EXPERIENCE THE MAYHEM OF BCW!


HeadTrainer: BOWERY(3 time BCW champion, BCW owner)
HeadTrainer: KORE(Academy of Hardcore Graduate, 2 time BCW champion, Tag Team Champion)


K. JACK(Academy Graduate, Tag Team Champion)
DJ CRIMINAL(Academy student, Deathmatch Champion)
KHAOS(Academy student, Tag Team Champion)

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
"If you can accept losing, you can't win"


At the Academy of Hardcore, BCW aspires for greatness. Several of the academy's graduates have gone on to be successful BCW superstars, and we wish the same for all our students.



Lockups, Grappling, basic takedowns, basic submissions, basic slams


Suplexes, Advanced Slams, Advanced Submissions, Advanced misc., Hardcore, Character Development, working a match, phsycology, finishers, locker room etequit.